• Customers will be required to pay a 50% deposit for any items at the time of sale, as dresses are made to order and therefore the deposit is non-refundable and once orders have been placed there is no option to cancel, change or return items.


  • Payment instalment plans can be arranged on request in respect of the balance of orders following the 50% deposit paid as detailed above. The balance must be paid in full prior to any items being removed from the premises. The minimum instalment accepted will be £100 and payment plan dates will be scheduled upon orders being completed.


  • The balance of any orders are to be paid within 4 weeks of notification of delivery of items (unless a payment plan is in place). All balances are required to be paid in full prior to items being removed from the premises and all items remain the property of Lytham Bridal Boutique until the balance is cleared. If the balance on orders has not been completed within 6 weeks following you as the customer being notified that your order is with us, the order will then be deemed to have been cancelled and items may be put into stock for sale.


  • In the event that a full or part order is cancelled, all deposits/payments are forfeited by you the customer. Lytham Bridal Boutique reserve the right to collect any outstanding balances on cancelled items, and you as the customer remain liable for any outstanding balance in the event of cancellation.


  • Our delivery time for made to order dresses can range from 4-6 months.  Whilst we make every effort to ensure all orders are delivered on time as ordered, we cannot be held accountable for any delays in deliveries due to causes beyond our control, including, but not restricted to acts of god, fire or strike action. We therefore stress that it is your responsibility to allow plenty of time in the event of any delays occurring, to ensure your items arrive prior to the wedding date given at the time of order, including allowing sufficient time for alterations to be made if required.


  • We cannot be held responsible for changes to customer’s body shape or size after purchase.  Measurements are taken at the point of order and items are ordered in accordance to those measurements, therefore dresses are made to order and not made to measure! If you require us to order items in a smaller or larger size due to anticipated body changes, we will, however on the strict understanding that we are not to be held accountable for items not fitting.


  • Items are made from a combination of materials, including beading and embellishments, which may have slight variations and therefore samples should be regarded only as indications of how the item will look, and we are unable to guarantee an exact match.


  • Any Sample dresses are SOLD AS SEEN, and may have slight imperfections by the very nature of them being a sample dress. It is your own responsibility to ensure that you are happy with any sample item purchased prior to paying for, and removing item from our premises, as Lytham Bridal Boutique will accept no responsibility for those items once they have left the premises.  Sample items are sold as seen, and no exchange or refund will be available.


  • It is your responsibility to check all items thoroughly prior to leaving the premises, as we cannot accept any responsibility for damage to or flaws noticed on any items that have left the premises.


  • We can recommend contact details of local seamstresses, however please note that they work independently, therefore any damages caused by incorrect alterations to any of the items purchased from us will not be our responsibility as we are not responsible for any of the work carried out by independent seamstresses. This is also the case in the event that you carry out any alteration work yourself on items purchased from us.


  • It is your own responsibility to ensure that enough time is given to allow for any alterations required, and no alterations can be made to items until the balance if paid in full. Alterations to items are always chargeable by an independent seamstress, and are not attached to our business.


  • Lytham Bridal Boutique reserve the right to alter these Terms & Conditions at any time, however this will not affect the existing Terms & Conditions applicable at the time of purchasing the item.  


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